Lebanese Barbecue Dinner Menu

Cost: £30.oo per person.

Houmous (Mashed chick peas with tahina and lemon juice)
Baba Ghanouj (Baked aubergine and mashed with tahina and lemon juice)
Falafel (Mixture of dried beans with spice deep fried)
Cheese Sambousic (Feta cheese, spring onion and parsley baked in lebanese pastry)
Fatayer (Lebanese pastry stuffed with spinach and lemon juice)
Kibbeh Maklieh (Lamb and cracked wheat stuffed with mince meat and pine nuts)
Lamb Sfiha (Lebanese pastry stuffed with minced lamb and pine nuts)
Tabbouleh (Flat parsley, cracked wheat and tomato with lemon juice)

Main Course
Lahmeh Meshwi, Kofta Meshwi, Dajaj Meshwi Wa Riz Bil Zaafaran
(A selection of lamb, Kofta and Chicken kebab served on a bed of saffron rice)

Dessert and Coffee
Baklawa (Layers of phyllo pastries filled with nuts and drenched with rose water syrup)
Qahwa (Lebanese coffee with cardamom)

Every order comes with
Khobiz (Lebanese bread)
Kabiss (Lebanese pickles)
Zaytoun (Olives)

Optional extra (not included)
Hubby Bubbly

Wine (not included)
Chateau Musar – one of the finest wines produced in the Middle East on request

Food Service (not included)
Samara Cuisine can provide a friendly waitress service if required.